Your Essential Guide to STAR [take 2]

Posted on Jun 13th, 2017 | College

So, it’s official….
The Ivy League of the Midwest.
The proud owner of the “World’s Largest Drum”.
And the university that will forever have my heart.
Purdue is such an amazing place and I hope you learn to love it as much as I do.
First things first. STAR (better known as your summer orientation visit) is an important start to your campus life. You’re going to trek all over campus. You’ll visit classrooms, lecture halls, and computer labs. You’ll try dining court food. Classes will be scheduled. Advisors will be met.
STAR is your official introduction to being a Boilermaker… but it can be a bit overwhelming. I remember being SO excited to finally be on campus, I didn’t want to go home that night. I was ready to move in and start my life as a Boiler. After my day at STAR I 100% knew that this was the school for me.
So let me share some advice with you, help you make the most of your visit, and ultimately survive STAR.
BEFORE you arrive on campus for your visit, do everything they tell you to do. Submit the perfect selfie for your ID, take your math placement test, complete your student information form, and DON’T forget to print your parking pass! Believe me, it will save you some steps (and money) when you get here and there’s going to be a lot on your to-do list. So it’s worth it to get as much done as you can before your visit. 
Everyone at STAR is working for YOU. They want to give you the best experience and make sure all of your questions are answered. Don’t hesitate to ask them and put your mind at ease before you arrive on campus this fall. What are some of your favorite clubs or groups on campus? What is one thing you recommend we do during welcome week? What is your favorite Purdue tradition? How often do you go home? What is your advice for incoming freshmen?
Open yourself up to making new friends. You’re going to be in the same group ALL day – there will be time. Rather than burying your nose in your phone, start the friend-making process early. Wouldn’t it be great to have a few faces to reconnect with when you get back to campus in the fall? All of you are starting college for the first time and it can be super intimidating. You don’t have to do it alone. Make new friends.
If you took a tour of campus before applying or committing, then you probably got to hear ALL about Purdue. But campus is huge and you probably don’t remember where a bunch of things are. Plus, with all of the construction – things are CHANGING! Make sure to look at campus with a fresh perspective and an open mind. You’ll be visiting buildings that you may never enter again and other buildings that you’ll basically live in until you graduate.
Summer weather in Indiana is typically hot and humid, and sometimes unpredictable from one day to the next. Just wait until you experience your first Indiana winter. Rain or shine, hot or mild, make sure you stay hydrated.
Come visit us outside of University Book Store (corner of State & Grant) to get a FREE Pete Pop! At the end of a long day, you’ll appreciate a free 32 oz. fountain drink to recharge.
BONUS: If you open an account with Purdue Federal, you’ll get a FREE Pete Pop every Thursday, all year long. I call that a win-win! Oh, and if you need a little extra boost in the morning, there’s a Starbucks located in the basement of the Union. Thank me later.
And if walking all over campus leaves you hungry, make sure you stop by DT Kirby’s (one of MY favorite places to eat) on your way out of town! #notanad #justmyfavorite
Get the scoop on all the best places to eat during your visit. Click here for even more of my favorite foodie places on and around campus. 
While this visit may be brief, you’re going to make tons of memories. Even though it’s been a few years since I attended STAR, I remember exactly what I wore and what the weather was like (it rained…a lot).
I made friends that I still talk to and I discovered Purdue isn’t as scary as I thought it would be. Campus may be huge, but you’ll have it figured out in no time at all!
STAR is just the start of your journey as a Boiler. Make it a good start. 

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