My Savings Challenge Update

Posted on Nov 1st, 2016 | Budgeting

At the end of September, I invited you all to join me for a savings challenge. Whether you participated in the same one as myself or found one that better suited your lifestyle, we were all going to save a little extra money this month.

SOOOO. How’d you do?! 

For someone who doesn’t enjoy saving, this challenge was PERFECT for me. I saved every day and never thought I would be happy knowing I had money I couldn’t spend. But I was! And I still am!

To save money, I had to sacrifice a few things.

Instead of stopping to get Starbucks on my way to work I would enjoy coffee that was made fresh at the office. I consider myself a coffee snob and only drink what’s at the office out of desperation. But guess what? It did the trick. A little creamer and I was good to go! 

If there is anything I splurge on every month, t’s getting my nails done. There is something about a fresh set of acrylics that I just love. This month, I figured out my bank account doesn’t enjoy them as much as I do. One nail broke and by the end of the day, the rest were off. This saved me more money than I am willing to admit. I did enjoy having the extra cash, so I think I’ll go all natural for November. 
I’m going to stick with this for a few months and attempt to make it a little more fun by adding an incentive to help me stay motivated. 

Here’s my incentive. My best friend is getting married and I’m her Maid of Honor. I have a lot of responsibilities that come with that title. I can’t be struggling for money at an important time in my life!

How about you – were you able to save a little extra? Did you add an incentive? I want to know… Tweet me at 

Maybe you didn’t join me in October to save…. and that’s ok. Start now! There is never a right or wrong time to save a little more money. 

Here is the monthly savings tracker I shared last month. It only requires you to put aside a little each day. 

Let’s do this. Who’s with me?

1 $0.25 $0.25   17 $4.25 $38.25
2 $0.50 $0.75   18 $4.50 $42.75
3 $0.75 $1.50   19 $4.75 $47.50
4 $1.00 $2.50   20 $5.00 $52.50
5 $1.25 $3.75   21 $5.25 $57.25
6 $1.50 $5.25   22 $5.50 $62.75
7 $1.75 $7.00   23 $5.75 $68.50
8 $2.00 $9.00   24 $6.00 $74.50
9 $2.25 $11.25   25 $6.25 $80.70
10 $2.50 $13.75   26 $6.50 $87.25
11 $2.75 $16.50   27 $6.75 $94.00
12 $3.00 $19.50   28 $7.00 $101.00
13 $3.25 $22.75   29 $7.25 $108.75
14 $3.50 $26.25   30 $7.50 $116.25
15 $3.75 $30.00   31 $7.75 $124.00
16 $4.00 $34.00      

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